Report submitted for Bobcat

‘Original Request;

“Lil of AHW has notified us of a welcome home that is scheduled for 12/24.
His flight arrival time is expected at 1345 and he is arriving at
Allentown airport. I have spoken with his mom Kate about them meeting us
at the Plymouth Meeting Mall and escorting them to their home in
Southampton Pa.

Army Spc. Michael Lydon is coming home from his 2nd 1 year tour in Iraq
and deserves a proper welcome home. I know this is xmas eve but it is
middle of the day. Maybe we can still manage an escort. I would expect
the pickup time at the PMM to be around 1500. The drive to their home in
Southampton is about 19 miles or 30 minutes from the PMM.”

The day was overcast and rainy, but it was a good day because we got to
welcome home a soldier the day before Christmas. What a Christmas

Considering the distances involved and the weather, the timing of the
mission went off like clockwork. Mike, our heroes dad, told me he would
be pulling in to the PMM between 1500 and 1530. We saw them pull in at
1516. We had formed two flag lines when Kate called us as they were
exiting the turnpike. As they turned in to drive between our lines, we
gave him a much deserved salute. Once they parked and he emerged, we
decended on the poor kid with cheers and back slaps to thank him for his
service and welcome him. From the look on his face, he didn’t know what
to make of all these bikers standing in line holding flags, but he
remained calm and poised. After presenting him with our magic coin and
some chit chat, we formed our procession and headed out to his home in

The drive to his home was uneventful. As we turned onto his street, we
began honking and letting everyone in the area know that an American hero
was returning from harms way. We were greeted by several additional
family members and neighbors. We dismounted to gather around him once
again now that he was actually home. We were invited in for food and
drink but, because of the hour, we all decided that we had to get back to
our families for Christmas eve festivities. To Mike and Kate, thank you
so much for allowing us the honor of welcoming this young man home. It
was a real treat especially on Christmas eve.

A special thanks to my brothers and sisters from the WWR for coming out on
this special day to say thank you to this returning warrior. We hope that
he will always remember this home coming and the affection and admiration
we have for him.

Submitted by Bobcat’