Ride Report posted for Spike
There were 2 parts to Jason’s welcome Home.The 1st part was the airport,it was
a early am flight ( 0800 hrs.). The family decide to only have a Escort from the
airport to home.There was a KIA the same day, at the same time.  They decided to
have a community welcome home the next night. We got Jason home at a very easy
The Next night the riders all met downtown Clayton at a local coffee shop,13 bikes, 2 cages & the Chief of Police in his squad car.  Jason and his family were at dinner at the local joint” Mudville” Which the staff and owner were all in on the homecoming. We all went inside to find our Soldier, his back was to the front door, he never knew what hit him.  So, we gathered him up & headed out to the back parking lot where all the bikes were parked in the driveway and the Chief’s car blocking.  Chief Lawrence LOVES this stuff!  He turned on his siren, flicked the switch for the lights & up to the house we went, blowing through all stop signs and lights.  We reached the house and were met by Engine 11 Fire Department.  There were approximately 20 to 30 people waiting, and one of Jason’s neighbors was there & wanted to speak.  His neighbor was from Afghanastan.  He expressed his feelings to Jason and to all of our troops that he hopes our troops come home soon and that he is so proud of the United States for being there and trying to help his country and fellow citizens. 
He expressed the severe need to rid his country of these terrorists, who are not even from Afghanastan.  We proceeded with all the coin, flag and certificate presentations.  The Mayor of Clayton was also present.  Welcome Home Jason.