Williamstown NJ. Report posted for Redbeard
WE Rallied at the Firebase as usual. Our Warriors Watch “Family” Never
lets me down. We had plenty of support. 

We made our way to the Arrivals and met Mom and Dad just inside the doors.
As we positioned ourselves at the base of the Escalators we were
approached from many people asking what Hero we were waiting for. That is
so cool to see that people are starting to realize we are there to Welcome
Home these American Military Heroes and not there for a Politician or
other reasons.

As we waited at the Escalator, we met two woman who wanted to know more
about what we were doing. We told them and shared with them a few Mission
stories we had done that were more on the Emotional side. They had sweaty
eyes and it was so clear to see that they Wanted to do something for Our
Hero Pete Cannella when he arrived. So how could we not find them a few
Flags to Hold.

We also found that there was another Dad waiting on his hero Son who
happened to be on the Same flight. It Was going to be a TWO-FER and we
love them.

Our Heroes came down the Escalator one at a time ( gave us more time to
recognize and Honor them individually)  We Cheered and shook the hand of
our Added Mission Hero first. Thanked Him for His Service and Duty then
our Main Package came down the Escalator and we did the same. Both
Families there were Sincerely touched by the Welcome they received. As we
always say in the Forum, “IT NEVER GETS OLD SEEING THAT”
 We Palmed our Main Hero a Magic Coin and proceeded to the Line of Bikes
awaiting outside. The Escort itself had a few snares in it, ONE main one
was due to the Family and the Escort of Bikes being separated from the
beginning, We had a hard time getting together in what was one of the
Busiest Evenings the Airport seemed to have had. But we made it happen and
the Escort home was filled with Plenty of horns blowing, Lights flashing
and just your Everyday “ROCK STAR TREATMENT” Entrance onto their
Street. The Local Williamstown Fire Department had been waiting along with
Our Hero’s Loved ones and Neighbors who with the Assistance of our
Extended Family, the YELLOW RIBBON CLUB, had made their Street come alive
with ribbons, Flags, and Cheers. How Blessed are we, The WWR, to be
invited to share in these Family’s outpours of emotions and joyful
times. They Thank Us and shake our hands and yet it is should always be
that WE THANK THEM for all of their Sacrifices and Service to our Country.
Welcome Home USMC

P.S. The two woman we met that day who held the flags and welcomed home
our Heroes we found out that one of them just lost her Husband the day
before, He was a Vietnam Veteran. After Our heroes had been welcomed home
Country Mike turned to her,… pressed a magic coin to her palm and said
it was from her New Family, the Warriors Watch. She was emotionally moved
and it was a good thing Mike was there to support her.  This “Family”
is indeed a Special Family.  ‘