Ride Report posted for Tim

At the request of our very own Sean (Carpents) Carpenter on behalf of mother Maureen Snook, Warriors’ Watch Rider’s were asked to welcome home and escort 1st LT. John Paul Snook  from the Philadelphia Airport to the family home in West Chester Pa. The Lt. was coming home for a 15 day leave, mid deployment from Afghanistan.

It was a gorgeous Good Friday afternoon. A good day for a ride, a great day to honor a fine young man for his service to Our Country!  Warrior’s Watch and A Hero’s Welcome came out in force to welcome home this hero. Rallying at firebase 69 were 25 bikes and 7 cages. It was a great turnout by both groups. After a long winded ride brief, we saddled up and headed over to the airport.

The family of 1st Lt. Snook were taken to the terminal gate by the USO while A Hero’s Welcome assembled at the security gate exit and Warriors’ Watch Rider’s took our position lining the stairs next to the escalator  with a flag line. It never ceases to amaze me as I observe travelers passing by and coming down the escalator showing interest in what we are doing. It is obvious that most people are proud to be Americans when they see such a show of patriotism.

While waiting for our hero to come out of the gate, we had the opportunity to greet 3 soldiers, and Calamity didn’t hesitate to coordinate their being given the WWR Coin!

Finally the 1st Lt. got through reuniting with his family, being welcomed by A Hero’s Welcome and being interviewed by channel 6 news, and turned the corner to see the line of WWR member’s waiting to greet him. His smile was ear to ear as he descended the escalator, followed by his parents, grandparents, brother and sisters. They were amazed at the show of support we were able to provide for their soldier! JP shook every hand with enthusiasm!

We again saddled up ready to depart the airport for the 26 mile escort to West Chester. We lined up 8 bikes in front of the families van with our big flags flying proudly and were led by the Pa State Police South on I 95. In extremely heavy traffic the trooper led us, weaving through traffic to our exit and up route 322. As the cars pulled off to the side of the road allowing us to pass, many honked their horns and waived showing respect for the flag and Our Hero!

When we got to route 202 the State Trooper handed us off safely to the Westtown PD who led us a few more miles and handed us off to West Chester Police Department and Fire Company. It was obvious the local Police and Fire Departments thoroughly enjoyed helping us carry out this escort, as they took advantage of every opportunity with their lights flashing to blare their sirens.

We arrived at the family home, greeted by a West Chester Fire Department ladder truck with a huge American Flag flying from the ladder and a group of neighbors cheering. Everyone gathered around and took advantage of the opportunity to thank 1st Lt. John Paul Snook again, and I presented him with Our Honor Coin on behalf of Warriors’ Watch Rider’s, thanking him for his service and sacrifice for Our Great Country.

Thank You to the law enforcement agencies and fire department support during this escort. You all make what we do very easy and safe! Thanks to Bobcat for coordinating the LEO support, as always you make it happen Brother! A special thanks to Charlie from AHW for his generosity with the biker gear, and to Judy Marie for the News