SPC Russell Paulson had already been in Iraq once before, This was his second 15 month tour he was returning home from and also He would be celebrating the end of his Enlistment from the Service.  The planning of this Escort happened through John (Russell’s Dad) He told me he would be making the 8 hour ride to FT. Drum NY to pick Russell up. We spoke about the inclement weather in the area and possibility of
snow and ice delaying the drive and causing it to be longer then it should, But John told me that this was something he had to do, and I completely understood.

We planned on meeting at the Chews Landing Fire Department Parking lot on Chews Landing Road. The Weather was very shaking, it looked like Rain and the temperature was falling. Because of the time and Day this Escort was called for I didn’t know how many would show up.  I pulled into the Parking lot and already our Hero was there with his DAD and Aunt. I greeted them all and was making small talk trying to stall for time.  I was hoping someone else would show when the sound of Thunder rolls into the Parking lot and who is it?, Rocky Bazis one of our Newest Members, As Rocky traded “SAND STORIES”  with our Hero the Commander, Al Oneal,  of the American Legion Stetser Lamartine Post 281 in Blackwood  stopped by to recognize Our Warrior and welcome Him Home.  JohnDelivers pulled up and We were 3 strong and on our way to Escort our Hero Home. With the Fantastic Help of the Clementon Police Department, we were brought right down their Street , Which was situated back in a heavily wooded area, and I say that It is a great thing we do, Showing these Heroes how much WE appreciate them and Honoring them for their Duty and Sacrifice.
I Thank all who was there both physically and in spirit and specially to our Extended Family The Yellow Ribbon Club.  Welcome Home Russell. THANK YOU.