It was dark, and it had rained earlier in the day so the
streets were wet, but it WAS cold! That didn’t matter. There was a
Mission, and Warriors who had stepped up to do it. We were meeting the
families of patriots and escorting them to a Township meeting to be

The group arrived at the meeting place exactly on time. There were 10
full sized Warriors and 4 minis. We were joined by 3 of Northampton Twp’s
finest . After the ride briefing, we broke into 3 groups and headed out
to their respective pick up locations.

The first family we met was the family of SPC Corey Richardson, U.S. Army.
Officer Bob Wehrman led a contingent of Warriors to SPC Richardson’s home
where SGM Kim presented him with a Magic Coin.

The second group was escorted by Officer Mike Rodgers to the Demboswki

The final group went to MSgt Capinas’ mother’s home. While there, Gene
Capinas, Paul’s son, was presented with a Magic Coin by Fungi. Gene got
to ride shotgun in the Police Escort vehicle.

We all returned to the Northampton Township Building where we were joined
by friends and family of the heroes who were being honored.

Once the meeting had started, Mr. Pete Palestina began the presentation
ceremonies. First he recognized and welcomed SPC Richardson home. Mr.
Palestina explained that the Township has a flag display for all the
members of the Twp who are serving in the military. When they are
deployed, they are represented by the flag of their branch of service.
When the Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor returns home, the service flag
is presented to them and their family and the flag is replaced by an
American flag with a yellow streamer with their name on it. Corey and
his parents were presented with an Army flag by the chairman of the Twp

Next, Mr. Palestina recognized June and Gene Capinas and called them
forward. He led them to the dais where the flags are kept and presented
June Capinas with her son�s American flag. Gene then stepped forward
and replaced the American flag with an Air Force flag, the branch his
father is a member of and is currently serving in Iraq.

Finally, Gene Capinas was able to present an American flag to Fran and Bob
Dembowski, in honor of their son. The Flag was presented with a
certificate which stated that it had been flown over Baghdad by Gene
Capinas’ father’s group on Nov 11, 2008 in honor of Robert Dembowski.

Afterwards we all met in the lobby of the Twp building and shared smiles
and laughs before heading off to home. Speaking for myself, my wife
Heather and our kids; we all had a great time and were very happy that we
could make this event. I hope that we helped make these families feel
special and also let them know that their loved ones, who are serving this
great country of ours, are truly appreciated and respected.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, the members of
the WWR, for being there, both physically and in spirit. Without you,
none of this could happen.