I think it went off without a hitch.  Small showing but we made it
happen, even with the snow coming down and the hour or so delay!
Everybody was in a very happy Christmas mood and that’s a good thing.
Thank’s Jon D for the highway report it helped big time.  Lisa thank you
for the coin & just for your help to make it happen.  Thank you Wauconda
Leo and FD for doing such a spectacular job!!!! We appreciate all you do
for the community and for our soldiers. 

Thank you SPC Cook for all you do and for allowing us to be a part of your
homecoming.  It was a true honor to escort you and to be able to thank you
as well as your brother once again.

For those who do not know Brendon is the brother of Joe Cook.  Watch Joe’s
video on utube.

Thank you both for all you have done for our freedoms.