Report posted for JohnDelivers 

Red had picked up, and placed red bows, on ten wreaths. Initially we had mapped out a ride to place five wreaths in our area of South NJ. But we expanded that route upon receiving the extra wreaths. However, due to an afternoon Welcome Home mission on the schedule we tried to keep within the same time frame.


Five WWR brothers met at Dunkin Donuts on a very brisk morning. Chopper, Redbeard, JohnDelivers and Jim Sweeny welcomed the newest member to the WWR family, LB. Many of you have met LB already, you may know him as Mike Drummond, Leslie’s husband. Yes that Leslie, of the Yellow Ribbon Club. It looks like LB is tired of playing with ribbons and wants to get into some black leather. Ok, I’m rambling on…. But I’ll just say instead of calling Mike “Leslie’s husband”, he is now known as “Leslie’s B****.” 

We visited Memorials in Gloucester Twp., Pine Hill, Kirkwood, Gibbsboro, Evesham, and Vineland. We placed wreaths at each and said a prayer for those who served our country.

While in Evesham we stopped by and spent a little time with Betsy and Stephanie Wilno. We gave them a wreath and wished them a Merry Christmas. We wanted them to know that they are not forgotten.

After the Anthony Crespo mission, Hollywood and John joined us in a visit to the Vineland Veterans Home. I have a friend who resides there, so we paid him a visit. While my wife and I spent time with my buddy, the others in our group walked the hallways chatting up anyone who happened by. We’ll pay another visit to this home as I heard first hand how much our visit was appreciated. My buddy spoke to me on the phone afterward and said it was like Christmas having our group visit their home. He spent the rest of the evening showing off a certain magic coin too.

We made one final stop to the Gloucester County Veterans Cemetery to place a wreath at the memorial there. We used our bike headlights to illuminate the area as it was pitch black at this point. The last two wreaths went to Chopper and Jim Sweeney, to place at the Woodbury and Audubon Memorials, respectively.

This was one long day on the bike, but I felt so fulfilled when I got home. It was a good thing we did today. To do it with brothers and sisters who are as passionate about our country and those who defend her made it even better. Thank you to all who came out on a very cold day and hung in there into the evening hours.