Home In time for THANKSGIVING!

Our Final Rally point was the Fire Base 69 where about 15 Motorcycles from De, PA and NJ where joined by 4 vehicles including our Heroes Family riding in a Stretch Limo.

Assisted buy the Philadelphia Airport Police we made our way to the Arrivals and was conveniently parked right outside the exit doors of the Terminal. We were then invited to go meet our Hero at the Exit gate for Customs which is upstairs in the terminal. As we made our way inside and Traveled on a two stage Escalator we came across another Uniformed Military Hero, SGT Wilson, who was traveling in the opposite direction. But that certainly didn’t stop the determined Warriors Watch from the chance to welcome Home a Hero. I had to laugh to myself because from my perspective of being at the back of the line traveling up the escalators all I could see was a MOB of Leather covered Flag carrying Bikers SWARM around this Hero on the other side of the Stairs. SGT Wilson must have thought he was getting Mugged right there in broad daylight and in a airport to boot. However as soon as the THANK YOU’S and hand shakes and that Amazing Magic Coin appeared, His look of shock turned to a great big smile and he knew WHY we were there.
Wishing Him a Happy Thanksgiving we finally let him go and continued on our path to the CUSTOMS Gate. Along with Our Good friends from “A HEROES WELCOME” we waited for Our Hero to walk through the gate and when He did it was a great reception. Smiles, Hugs, cheers and again another Magic coin to top things off. It is so special to be invited to share in a families celebration like this, the tears of joy and smiles that we see are all the reward we need.
As SPC Michael Alcorn was being interviewed by the Local TV News channels and newspaper we made our way back down to our Bikes to mount up. As soon as we stepped outside there was another Uniformed Hero, SPC Burton, Standing there waiting on his mothers car to pick him up. Well wouldn’t you know it The Warriors Watch surrounded yet another one of our Local Heroes and cheered, hugged and Palmed him yet another Magic coin. All before Mom pulled up with the car. As he placed his bags into the trunk we were waving to Mom and the smile on her face seeing all this action around her son topped off yet another Mini event in this Welcome Home Mission.
Finally we were on the road with our Hero giving Him the WARRIORS WATCH SPECIAL Loud Pipes, Sirens blaring, Horns honking ROCK STAR treatment that HE SO DESERVED.
WE had several Local Police assist us with this escort, Cherry Hill Police Department, Marlton Police Department and finally from our heroes Home town, Medford Police Department. No matter how long the Escort, or how cold the weather is, It always gives me those chills and makes me smile when we make our way towards the Giant American Flag hanging from the Fire Departments Extended Ladder with all the people cheering and waving the flags.
Our Extended Family from the Yellow Ribbon Club had the streets and Neighbors and volunteers all ready to receive Our Hero in that ROCK STAR way. We pulled into Michael’s Driveway and watch again as the news Media captured more hugs and tears and FAMILY LOVE for their Returning hero. The Warriors Watch was making their way around the crowd shaking hands and enjoying the festive like atmosphere when someone pointed out the Alcorn’s Neighbor who was a Vietnam Vet
(go ahead, Guess what happened)  … Yep, The Warriors Watch Welcomed Him Home, shook His hand and then passed another Magic Coin onto him.
You can see it in the eyes of these heroes, They know the words of Welcome Homes and Thank you for your Services that we all say to them come from our heart.
Just before I left, I listened to Michael’s Dad (Mike) speaking of how he and his wife( Lisa) had heard News of a Chinook Helo going down in the Area where their Son was in Iraq,  I noticed His eyes where filling and his voice began to crack  from the emotion that came over him reliving the fear and hardship of that time. When they finally did hear from Michael a few days later Mike said that it felt like the weight of the world lifted off their hearts. It wasn’t until I was home and thinking about the days events that it really hit me with how much of an emotional roller coaster it is for the Families who have loved ones deployed. God Bless them All, and God Bless the Soldiers and Military who are over there Answering Our Countries call to Duty.
Welcome Home SPC Michael Alcorn, SPC Burton, SGT Wilson and the Alcorn’s Neighbor, and Thank YOU ALL for your Dedication and Service to this Great Country.REDBEARD
Warriors Watch Riders

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