Report posted for Bill (Handyman)

25 WWR patriots arrived early this morning to help celebrate the groundbreaking for the Washington Crossing National Cemetery and the occasion was a memorable one for all.  As the site of the ceremony was basically surrounded by farmland, the recent rain created conditions that were too muddy to support our bikes.  (4′ x 4′ plywood was required for side stands)  The result, was that we arrived at our final rally point in the parking lot of ICT Group in Newtown and took the shuttle bus to the site.

To make everyone feel comfortable, we assumed a “staggered walking formation” to board the bus.

The weather conditions were cool with about a 10-15 mph wind, however everyone was dressed appropriately.  Ray stayed back at the parking lot to pipe for the people waiting for the shuttles and joined us prior to the start of the ceremony.  Thanks for stepping up, Ray.  Once on-site, our crew set a flag line along the driveway leading to the entrances to the tent.  We had the opportunity to meet quite a number of vets and, as usually happens, we ran into a Marine who was survivor of Iwo Jima!  This from T – “One highlight of the day for me was having the honor of meeting Harry.  Harry is a survivor of 4th marines- Iwo Jima, We palmed him a magic coin, it worked again. Later in the day, Harry said he has a glass case where he keeps his WWII medals, he said he would be putting the Magic Coin with his medals,it meant that much to him.”

T also did a great job on his interview for Channel 6 and Shooter took some excellent pictures.  This was an important event for the entire area and especially for all the vets.  Many local families have been holding the ashes of their fallen heroes, just waiting for this cemetery to be approved and built so they could lay them to rest with the honor they deserve.  This groundbreaking ceremony was the culmination of years of effort by literally hundreds of dedicated veterans, veterans organizations and politicians.  We salute them all for their work and perseverance.  I want to also thank Shooter for his great photography and general PR work.

As for my fellow WWR members who stayed on their feet for more than 3 hours, thank you all for your attendance and most of all for your patriotism.  It has not gone unnoticed.

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