Ride report, 11/8/08, ALS Foundation, support mission.

Todays ride to support the ALS foundation ,Philadelphia walk to defeet ALS , was a great success. Although the theme song for todays support ride could of been Rain Drops keep Fallen on My Head, the weather sure didn’t dampen our spirits. Our job today was to lead the walk, help in creating energy and enthusiasm, for those walking to raise donations for the ALS fund.Not our usual mission, but one that helped provide community awareness of WWR and our mission of support.Upon arrival we were asked to provide 2 bikes for escort through the concourse at Citizen Bank Park. Bikes in the concourse? Thats gotta be a first!

Phillies Phanatic forced us to let the throttles rip, to the enjoyment of over 2000 walkers. As we exited the stadium to continue on the 2 mile walk, all of our WWR brothers and sisters waited in the rain to take up the lead. What a sight.( What amazing dedication too). Many of the people in the walk took time to thank us, for our support of the troops. Handouts were passed out, (Thanks, Oliveoy) , and a good time was had by all. A side note, as we were preparing to leave a women took the time to come over and tell us how much it meant to her family to know that WWR honored and assisted homecoming warriors. She was very sincere. As she departed , we called her back, and gave her the magic coin, for her demonstration of true patriotism. We told her to call us if we could ever be of assistance. The ALS foundation ( thanks Allison) presented us with special 100th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s birthday, ride pins. She gave me extra , so, if you would like to have 1 just let me know. To the Faithful that , in spite of bad weather, came out to support this mission, act as WWR ambassidors, thank you. That was quite an effort. To those that did the NJ welcome home first then joined us, the extra effort is always appreciated ,and never taken for granted. To the ALS Foundation, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your tremendous effort. I also just heard that coverage of this event was on NBC 10. Thank everyone, thanks WWR for another successful mission. You folks make me proud. T