Ride Report posted for Spike

Weather started out very nice as we staged at Bob Dron Harley Davidson.  We staged with 9 bikes.  Made a couple of calls to Oakland Airport; first to confirm our parking and then to confirm the arrival flight.  Once that was all set we headed over to our parking area.  We walked into the airport and as we rounded the corner, folks were departing off that flight.  Surprise, surprise – the flight came in early and the recording had said “on time”.  The Captain and his 12 troopers were walking down the airport ramp as we were walking up.  They were surprised to see us as we approached.  We mugged & hugged them – welcomed them home and headed over to baggage claim.  Two vans were waiting out front as we loaded up.  We got the bikes in line with the two vans and started out for Concord.  Normally, this is a one hour drive with heavy traffic congestion however since this was Saturday it took us only 35 minutes.  Once we arrived at the training center, we helped unload the vans, had some more hugs and the troops were dismissed.  Welcome Home Marines!