Ride Report posted for Rick

Our first mission as a group (South Texas District) began without a hitch.

It was a beautiful day, and 4 Bikes to start out. We rode the 40 miles to the Banquete, TX Elementary School, and met the other two WWR Members. We were a little behind as we stopped at 11/11 1100 hrs for two minutes of reflection on the way. There were already two other MC there, Leathernecks

(Marines) and Veterans of Foreign Wars MC.

There was a steady stream of vans and coaches the Blue Star Moms and Parents were shuttling Veterans from nearby Nursing Homes and residences in.

We spent some time helping the older Vets into the School and listening to some fantastic stories of our past history. As we approached the School, each Rider was met and escorted by a 2nd Grade Student. We passed out small Flag pins to each student we connected with, and watched their faces light up each time.

As we entered we were shown the Fallen Heroes Display. Sketches done by a local artist of Heroes lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Smiling children lead us to others that gave each Veteran a ‘goodie bag’ relevant to his or her service. They turned us over to the 3rd Graders in the cafeteria, who seated us and served our drinks. The 4th and 5th Graders proudly walked the serving line a brought heaping plates of food. Opening services were performed by the Marine Corps League Chaplain. I introduced myself and WWR to the Principal and coined her, thanking her for the invitation as she was thanking us for our service.

After the meal, WWR, VoV MC, American Legion Riders, Leathernecks, VFW Motor Guard, Bikers for Christ, Veterans of Foreign Wars MC, and other Military Support Groups (about eighty bikes in all) rode the perimeter of the school ground to end up on the HS Football field.

The stands were full of students and parents dressed in Red, White, and Blue! As a flagline was formed on the opposite side of the stadium, the HS Cheer Squads lead the WW2, Korean War, and other disabled Vets through a ‘gauntlet’ of smiling football players to their seats of honor on the field.

The HS Bands, ROTC Drill Teams, class groups and individuals put on patriotic presentations and performances honoring Veterans and current service persons throughout the afternoon, finishing with the football team and cheer squads stretching out a 50′ American Flag across the field. All the Bikers helped hold the edges and waved the flag together. It was an awesome day! These students, teachers and parents know, understand, teach and practice patriotism at its finest! I (and I’m sure the rest of the Vets

there) have never been “thanked” so many times, so sincerely, by so many at one time!

Thank You, Banquete ISD!