It was a very chilly morning to start with but that didn’t stop our patriots from bearing the cold weather to meet at the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center bright and early. 

All our patriots were greeted with a warm hand shake and warmer coffee.  As it came time for the ride brief after we were done the particulars we took the time for a moment of silence for the unfortunate lives that were lost at Ft. Hood.  As soon as we got the phone call to notify us of Mr.Miller’s arrival we left the shopping center and it was a very brief ride to our hero’s daughter’s house.  When we arrived loud and proud in true Warriors Watch fashion our hero was anxious to see what the commotion was outside and came out to investigate.  We were all preparing for our flag line when I hear “What is all this for?” come from behind as I turn around I come face to face with our hero and inform him that this for him and thanked him for his service.  After giving him a handshake and hug the lined was already formed for the infamous mug-n-hug.  Mug-n-hug and handshakes complete Mr.Miller would start captivating small groups at a time with his thank you for doing this and stories of his time served.  As we began to wrap things up and give our final thank yous and farewells Mr.Miller Made his way up the drive way to check out the tools of our trade, the motorcycles!  When started to leave the last thing our riders saw was our hero, Mr.Miller, standing at the end of the driveway standing tall and proud in ful l salute till the last ride could not be seen.  As I walked over to him to see what he thought of his Warriors Watch experience with a tear in his eye he said this is something he will never forget.  So yes I can say that he  has not been will never been forgotten.  Thank you to all and ride safe.