Ride Report posted for C Hog

On a cool cloudy morning as I pulled into Fire Base 69 I saw about four bikes a couple of cages and our Hero’s family already there. We all introduced ourselves to Samuel W Brown III and Maribeth Brown. our Hero’s parents, his sister and two year old nephew. By the time I read the Airman’s bio and we headed to the airport our ranks had risen to 12 bikes and four or five cages. We arrived at the airport and only had to wait about 20 minutes before our Hero’s flight was on the ground. When he came through the security gate he was instantly mugged and hugged by his family. When he looked up and realized our flag line was in honor of him all he could do was grin and thank us as he was mugged and hugged Warrior Watch Style. It still amazes me when I think about all these Warriors do and the sacrifices they make on behalf of us and our Great nation that they remain so humble. Sam was asked if he wanted to ride on a bike and after being loaned a helmet and warm jacket I had the honer of giving him his first motorcycle ride ever. Thanks to Bobcat the Philadelphia Police who always look out for us gave us an escort to the Walt Whitman Bridge. Traffic was light at 10:30 in the morning and we had no trouble keeping our escort together. As we came into Washington Township on route 42 we were given an escort by the Washington Township Police Department right to Airman Brown’s front door. When Sam saw the Washington Township Leo and he realized it was for him I could hear him laughing and saying this is wonderful, this is amazing. As we neared our Hero’s house we could see the Yellow Ribbons and knew that our great friends at the Yellow Ribbon Club had already been there. Our Hero was greeted by family, friends, neighbors, the Yellow Ribbon Club, Washington Township Firefighters and EMT personnel, a large group of township cheerleaders and a marching band. After a few cheers and some loud music our Hero was presented a certificate from township officials, a Yellow Ribbon and accompanying Bling, and of course a Coin and certificate from WWR. Sam loved his first motor cycle ride and now wants to get a bike. This was my first RC job and it was made easy by all the hard work by, John Delivers, Tiny and Tug. Thank you guys