What a beautiful day for a long awaited welcome home (40+ years in the making.) We rallied at the Wachovia Spectrum on Pattison Ave in Philadelphia at 4:00 pm. There Tug asked me to step up and be the RC in which I accepted with great honor. We met with Lil from A Hero’s Welcome and our Heroes sister, Trish who requested this welcome home celebration, and her friend, Ellen. As we rallied, Trish told us some stories about her hero brother, Chuck Richardson, which included some stories about what he has been through. While in Vietnam, a hand grenade was thrown in his fox hole which resulted in him losing sight in one eye and his hearing in one ear. She told us that after everything he has been through he remained positive for the last 40+ years and kept his great attitude throughout his life, not keeping any resentment for what he went through.

At 4:30 we headed up to 30th Street Station with 8 highly motivated bikers and two cages. There waiting for our arrival we were greeted by 30th Street police and a Philadelphia highway patrolman. We gathered our 3 X 5 flags and were escorted to the stairwell and formed a flag line at the top of the steps. After a quick 5 minute wait our hero made his way up the steps. I greeted him at the top step with a mug and hug and he had no idea that this greet was all for him. At the platform he was mugged and hugged by all of us. Everyone quickly realized he was the great man his sister said he was. As we made our way to the bikes he couldn’t believe that this was all for him and continued to thank us all.

After one more biker came to the station, we headed out with Philadelphia highway patrol leading the way and 30th Street police blocking the intersections. We headed to I 76 then onto the Vine Street Expressway with Leo’s lights and sirens parting the sea during Friday’s rush hour. We made our way like there was no rush hour traffic. Philadelphia Leo peeled off at the base of the bridge. On the other side of the bridge we were picked up by the always motivated Cherry Hill Police. After a few miles we made our way on to route 70 where we picked up 5 more Leo’s blocking the intersections. (What a great job by all the Leo’s. YOU ROCK!)

At Trish’s house, we were met by the Cherry Hill Fire Department and the great Yellow Ribbon Club (No one does it better). There he was coined and greeted by all. He again thanked everyone and stated that the true heroes are the MIA’S and POW’s and asked us to never forget them. We again thanked him. When we left he still had the “dear in the headlights” look. What a great man deserving of a welcome home that was 40+ years in the making.