Welcome home Sgt Shawn Taylor from his third tour in Iraq. Sgt. Taylor is currently stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO with his wife & children. Shawn is a Tanker, he grew up in New Jersey,graduated from high school in 1999. He left for the Army in July 1999 one month after graduation. Shawn was a member of JROTC in high schooland knew he wanted to be in the Army.

We rallied at FB 69 with 30 bikes and 2 cages. Just before the briefing we received notice that Shawn’s flight would be delayed due to late take off in Denver due to snow. I introduced Shawn’s mother Mary and his Uncle Bob. I found Bob was in the Navy in 1963 when I picked up Mary and Uncle Bob to escort them to our rally point. So naturally at the end of the briefing I gave Uncle Bob our coin and he was “mugged & hugged” by everyone. After waiting for a while we mounted up and headed to the airport with Chief Inspector T. Boyle leading the way. We assembled our flag line up the stairs and waited for our Hero to arrive.

Next thing you know here he is and Sgt Taylor was greeted with loud cheers, handshakes and of course the world famous “mug & hug”.  Someone remarked about the deer in the headlights look on Shawn’s face when he turned the corner to descend the stairs. He wore a big smile as he greeted everyone in line.

Now comes the fun part of the mission, escorting our HERO through the city as NLDS game 2 was ending along with rush hour traffic. But then again we had Chief Inspector Boyle and his men to lead the way.

Folks believe me when I say we owned the road. There was not one other car, truck,bus not even another motorcycle except for our escorts and us. Every on ramp was blocked and we rolled right up Rte 95 non stop to the Betsy Ross Bridge. Phila PHP handed us off to the Delaware River Port Authority PD. Just as in PA the escort in NJ was top notch and non stop all the way to Delran. This was all set up by our own Tugboat. Thanks Tug…good job. And a big THANKS to DRPA PD, Cinnaminson PD & Delran PD for their good work. All of this at rush hour and with the Phils game letting out. AMAZING…

As we roll up to Uncle Bob & Aunt Carol’s house with horns honking and pipes roaring we were met by the Yellow Ribbon Club, friends, family neighbors and Delran FD.

Sgt Taylor received some gifts from the town of Delran & the Yellow Ribbon Club. Shawn next received our WWR Honor coin from our man Dave. Thanks Dave good job…how about being RC sometime? Next Shawn got 2 more coins, one from our very good friends the Nam Knights and the American Legion Riders.

Now its Sgt Taylors turn to speak. Shawn thanked everyone for being there, especially the WWR for bringing him home from the airport. Shawn related something from each of his 3 tours in Iraq and how those serving appreciate knowing that we have their backs here at home. Shawn told us he didn’t expect such a big to do when he came home but that since we all were there it was a beautiful thing and something he won’t forget.

Sgt Shawn Taylor then told us that upon his arrival at his new assignment that he would no longer be know as Sgt. Shawn Taylor but will now be addressed as Staff Sgt. Shawn Taylor and he is looking forward to the next 10 years as much as the first 10.

WELCOME HOME SSGT SHAWN TAYLOR!!!!!! Thank you for your service.