Ride Report posted for John Drake
On a cold rainy Monday night we gathered at a Kawasaki dealership parking lot to await SFC Andy Smith who is a 6 tour combat veteran on leave visiting his mother in Sycamore, IL.  Andy’s mother Mary Kimery is so proud of her son that she wanted something special for him to let him know how appreciated he was.  Mom and step dad brought Andy to the parking lot in their vintage model T.  Andy could not believe that someone would come out in the cold and rain to greet him and thank him for his service.  His smile was a mile wide the whole time. 
With the help of the Sycamore police department we formed up to let everyone in Sycamore know Andy was home.  After a short ride through town we arrived at the families home where we once again thanked this soldier for defending his country.  Mary told me Andy cried all the way home and could not believe what he was getting.  Andy thanked us and asked us to pray for the safe return of all the soldiers over there.
Andy is one month short of retirement eligibility but really loves what he does.  Andy is married and the father of three children.