Ride Report posted for Doc Kromer

A Great Day for our GREAT HEROES ! I have to say as my first mission down here I couldn’t ask for anything more. The support I got from all of the MC’s and our WWR Family was INCREDIBLE.

The day started a little overcast as the SEPA crew and I (10 bikes and 2 cages) mounted the bikes and headed for the rally point. It took us only a few minutes to go the mile or so to the Best Buy parking lot. As we pulled in I realized how amazing this mission was going to be. The Combat Vets MC and Blue Knights MC were sitting in the parking lot ready to honor our WWII vets. Due to the flight being pushed back a half hour we had time to sit in the parking lot and meet tons of new friends from the MC’s. As we sat and got to know everyone, the Nam Knights and a few  riders from the Green Knights rode in 8 bikes deep. The turnout was amazing. In all we had 4 MC’s and the WWR totaling 65 bikes and 4 cages. It was more then I could have ever asked for.

The RC’s, Presidents and I then huddled up for a meet and greet. We introduced ourselves and then I briefed them on the mission route and plan. It was truly an honor to meet them all. They are all great patriots and ready to serve and ride when missions come down. As the huddle dispersed and they briefed each of their MC’s, I noticed two patrol cars parked in the parking lot. I had asked local LEO for support but was turned down a few times. I walked over to the Officers and asked them if they were there to support us and they replied they were not but would love to help. The Officer quickly got on his radio and got the ok from his unit to do our escort. Sadly they could only escort us a few blocks to the airport exit, but it was a great help! Thank you Alexandria PD for your last minute support !

As time neared our KSU, I gathered everyone together for one last mission brief and prayer. That you Bill “Preacher” Collete VP/Chaplain of the Nam Knights for stepping up and saying a prayer for our safety on this ride. After our words of wisdom, we made our way back to our bikes and mounted up. WWR spearheading the mission took point followed by the Combat Vets, Nam Knights, Blue Knights, Green Knights and cages pulling tail gun. It was an amazing site to see all of these riders and MC’s coming together for our Heroes.

Flags flying and LEO escort for a few blocks, we made our way to the National Airport. As we pulled in front of the terminal with engines revving, people were shocked and didn’t really know what to think since they haven’t seen anything like this in the area. We parked the bikes (which took up most of the loading area) and headed inside to greet our Vets.

It was the normal hurry up and wait once inside which gave us time to set up a great flag/welcome line. We waited and waited until finally I got word that the first vet was on his way down. The cheers and claps started and lasted about 45 minutes as all our vets made their way to their busses. The look these vets had in their eyes was one ill never forget. They had no idea that we would be there to thank them and Honor them. They were so happy to see us and grateful to know that we do care ! As the last vet made it out of the elevator, we shook her hand and thanked here for what she did for our country, then headed out to mount up.

Outside and back on the bikes it was another hurry up and wait while they loaded the finally Heroes onto the busses. Once all 120 were seated and ready to roll, we headed out of the airport and onto George Washington Parkway. Lead by a airport policeman,  we made our way to the WWII Memorial. It was only about a 10 minute ride to the Memorial, but it was the best 10 minute ride of my life. We made our way into DC and down 17th street and pulled into the bus lot in front of the Memorial. 65 bikes 5 busses and 4 cages didn’t fit very well at first. The park ranger then directed us to our parking and we lined up the bikes. After parking, I gave a quick thank you for the support each one of these MC’s gave and what a great job they did on the escort. After handshakes and a round of applause, we quickly made our way to the Memorial to meet our Heroes and Welcome them to their Memorial.

We stayed and talked with our vets for an hour or so. While walking around and talking to our heroes, we were told that a WWII vet that is pretty well known was there with us today. Senator Bob Dole was taking pictures and greeting all of his fellow Heroes. His wife told us he tries to make it down every Saturday when these WWII vets come in. He is a great Patriot and WWII Hero. The WWR family went and thanked Senator Dole for what he has and continues to do for our Great Nation. Rambone coined Senator Dole as a token of our appreciation. Thank You Senator for all you do!

Soon after meeting and thanking the Senator, we had a parking issue and were told the bikes needed to be moved. We then made our way to the bikes and headed out to find new parking. Everyone was scattered but we met back at the Memorial for one last thank you. The SEPA WWR crew and myself huddle up, gave hugs and took a group picture. Soon after that I was on my way back to VA and they headed back to SEPA. Thank you all for coming down and supporting us down here VA/DC. It was a great showing of patriotism and appreciation for our Heroes!
In part, the mission was a GREAT SUCCESS! Tons of bikes for tons of WWII VETS! Everything went so smooth and we had a great Honor escort. Thank you everyone for your participation in this mission, as I said before I could not have asked for more!


Thank you to the Combat Vets MC, Nam Knights MC, Blue Knights MC and Green Knights MC for your support in this mission. You all did an outstanding job. Looking forward to working with you all in the future as we show VA/DC who our true HEROES are and what America is missing.