Ride Report posted by Lutz

Pennsylvnaia was well and ably represented by the WWR Faithful, despit such threats as Hurricains and dangling tail lights. Lutz’s tail light was fixed at the rallly point – there is little that a roll of electrical tape can’t cure.

Two weeks before this scene, I was sitting in the office of Gold Star Mom Mary Conboy, where she was telling me about this event. A group of 70 veterans undergoing treatmensts of various kinds were to be honored by the 21st Ward Veterans in Gorgas Park, Philadelphia. Mary asked if we (the WWR) could perhaps provide a flag line for the veterans to pass through as they disembarked their bus from Coatsville (the Coatsville VA medical Center, about 35 miles west of Philly.) I told her we could do a lot better than that, and the plans for the escort were done.

With the aid of the PA State Troopers and Philadelphia’s Phinest, we escorted the bus with flags flying all the way to the park, where we hustled off and provided the originally requested flag line, joined into by a large number of boy scouts and other patriots.

Food, bands, entertainment, it was a wonderful day for these deserving vets, and the weather couldn’t have been better, despite the most dire predictions.


I was humbled by an offer to speak to the crowd, but I was honored by the opportunity to point out the service and sacrifice of these and ALL veterans, and to give some press to our newest Troop Support organizaitons, The AWWC (American Warriors Watch Coalition,) and the Big Brothers-in-Arms program. Kat and Audrie and Maria had done an amazing job setting up an information booth from which to do signups and distribute literature. In all, we had representation for:

The Warriors’ Watch Riders, the American Warriors’ Watch Coalition, the Big Brothers-In-Arms, A Hero’s Welcome, the American Sheepdogs, and of course the Adam Conboy Memorial Fund Operation Bedding.

A great day for the forward movement of the Cause.


Photos by Kat. Click here for more…