Ride Report posted for Spike
We staged at starbucks with 15 bikes.We had approx. 45 mins. before we should have gotten the call.Then,the call came 45 mins early,we packed up and rolled to the church. We set-up the Flag Line down the steps to the Hummer,2 Swordsman raised their swords at the door.The Bride & Groom stepped out to cheers and well wishes.Cristian was in total awe.They both did’nt know we were going to be there,he was very emotional. We took a small ride Downtown past all the outside cafes’,horns blowing & V-Twins roaring.We got to the community center and set-up another Flagline from the hummer to the front door.We then came in and presented him with a American Legion Coin, American Legion Rider Coin and our WWR Coin.plus Mugs & Hugs.We had VFW, VFW Aux. ,Legionaires, Legion Aux., Hog Members,PGR, Pleasanton Military Families, Legion Riders Districts  9,10,13.