Ride Report posted for Lisa

On 22 Aug 2009 The Warriors’ Watch of Northern IL were invited to Welcome Home Army 1st Lt. Brandon Weiss, Who spent the Last 14 Months in Iraq, to the Saint Charles Area. The weather had posed a threat all week with storms and even a small tornado that touched down about 5 miles from Lt. Wiess’ Parents house.

As luck would have it the weather shifted and the storms stopped the night before. It was overcast and a little on the cool side but despite the chill in the air approximately 61 motorcycles and multiple cages showed up at the staging area  which was at the Menards in Elgin where Lt Weiss and his wife met when they worked there in high school. We stood the flag line with Kerri Weiss (Mom) & Charles Weiss (Dad) as Brandon arrived with his wife and 11 month old daughter who Brandon had only seen once before when he was on leave for two weeks. With wide eyes and appreciation Brandon got out of the car and was greeted with Handshakes, Hugs, and Thank Yous.

With the Help of the Kane County Sheriffs Department, Elgin PD, Saint Charles PD and Campton Hills PD, along with the Village President of Campton Hills we escorted the soldier and his family to his parents house. With Brandon’s Mom on the back of a bike, his sister and brother in law on their bike, we pulled down the family street with horns & Sirens Screaming. We were greeted by family and friend who gathered at the house for a party in Brandon’s Honor. After Shaking his hand and saying Thank You we all bid our farewells and departed leaving the Family to their soldier. In the process of this Welcome Home we managed to recruit Brandon’s Brother In Law and sister to the Family. Welcome Home Brandon. Thank You for your Service. And to your sister and brother in law Welcome to the WWR Family!