Ride Report posted for Falcon

This welcome home was classic. After arriving at Midway Airport, L cpl Michalski was first welcomed by His Mom (Dale) and Dad (Sonny) and the USO. After gathering his luggage he was driven to the cell phone lot were we were waiting with 17 motorcycles and 5 cages.

We also Had two state police cars, and two motor cycle units and a emergency car from his home town of Plainfield, plus a motor cycle unit from New Lenox. We greeted our hero with a flag line and lots of hugs and thanks. Aron introduced us to his wife of seven months, Sam. They were married just before he deployed to Iraq.

Now it was time to hit the road for about forty miles. Chicago police sent a couple of cars to get us to the highway. With all this police presents the trip was pretty smooth. But…..

We weren’t done yet. A few mile before his home we stopped at a parking lot with another flag line, Police cars, three fire engines four more motorcycles and several cages. we were finally ready to get this Marine home, where the rest of the family and neighbors were waiting with their own hero’s welcome, led by his grandmother and sister Amy.

Classic,= A hero, his wife and his great family, and a lot of support from friends and community. I can’t see how it can get any better than this.