Ride REport posted for Georgia Rebapis

It was a cloudy Monday morning, and I was hoping the rain would hold off. I believe Jon D was watching over us, because the clouds broke up and the sunshine came through. We welcomed home US Air Force Deep Singh, who came home from his first tour in Afghanistan. He has been in the military for 3 years, and he is only home for a week to spend with family and friends before he has to leave again. His main duties are as a medical assistant.

When I showed up, Doug Mace was already at the destination. After a short while, a few more bikes and a few cages showed up as well. As this was my first mission, I was relived to see people coming. Even if we had two people doing the mission, I would of been fine with it.

Our soldier arrived with a Chicago Police Department escort about 12:30ish in the pm. Once he realized that something was happening for him, he was so extatic. When he came out of the van, he was greeted by lots of hugs and hand shakes.

We then departed the Des Plaines Oasis, and headed to Elgin where two Elgin Police cars were waiting for us. The escort was about ten to fifteen minutes, until we arrived at the soldiers home where his family and friends were waiting for him.

We once agian thanked our soldier for his service to our country, and took a few pictures with him and his family. We thanked the family for letting us welcome home a soldier, and we departed.

It turned out to be a good day for a welcome home, and USAF Singh deserved every minute of it. Thank you USAF Singh for your service. I will also like to thank everyone that helped me out with my mission.