Ride Report posted for Keith “Chambeaux” Chambers

Not one of our easier missions. Oh sure, it was a just a drive by, only a mile or two ride… but.. Jon D’s absence was felt by everyone. We dedicated the ride to Jon and observed a moment of silence in his honor during the ride brief. Then this group did what this group does best – we welcomed home a young warrior.

We went in with horns and sirens blarin’, shook his hand, gave him countless hugs and cheers.

PFC Elliot was a firefighter intern before joining the Marines and hopes to continue that work in the Marines. The Algonquin fire department came out in full force. We had so many trucks we separated half at the front and half at the rear. His family was throwing him a party and his mom didn’t let anyone in on the surprise. PFC Elliot beamed the whole time we were there. A successful mission. Another brave warrior thanked for his sacrifices.

The ride goes on. With a heavier heart but it goes on. Just the way Jon would have liked it.

Afterward we stopped for a little refreshment and I tilted one chair against the table in honor of our missing leader….our missing friend

Keith “Chambeaux” Chambers