Ride Report posted for Ray

Let me tell ya this gets as down to the wire as it can but no problem we can handle it , because this hero deserves it and we will make it happen. As it turns out word was Daniel`s flight was going to be delayed over an hour so while we were waiting at F/B 69 we decided to go to the airport instead and possibly greet other soldiers coming home while waiting for our package , boy am I glad we did that because Daniel`s flight came in early to our surprise, with much fan fare we greeted our HERO like family that he hasnt seen in years , let me tell you it was a great feeling and one that is hard to describe(you had to be there)
Our escort to Daniel`s home went well, traffic traffic traffic but we didnt care nor his family , because their loved one was home and we were going to make sure he got home safe and sound , due in part to the Delaware State Trooper that provided help on our escort , Thank You Lenny Aguilar , also to mention that Lenny is John Delivers freind and not to take anything away from Daniel`s welcome home John coined him off to the side in private from one friend to another in saying thank you. I in turned coined our HERO as well but in the spotlight in front of his family and friends to also let them know how proud and honored we were to have him home.
I was very proud  today to of Rc`d this mission , GOD BLESS YOU Daniel ….
I like to say thank you to my WWR brothers for helping in making this happen