Ride Report posted for Joe Blasingame

Saturday August 08, was a great day in Georgia! Two missions,-twice the honor for our Heroes!
 The Georgia WWR gathered from wide and far to help the Family Resource Group of Bravo Co. 1-121st. with a “Back to School Bash” for the deployed soldier’s kids AND then ride to Heritage Park to commemorate the installation of a memorial bench and bricks for our own Frank and Rhonda Stephen’s son, Sgt. Franklin Stephens, Jr.

Our group left the rally point with US Flags Flying as requested by the FRG. We arrived to see the families smiling faces and then went inside to meet them all, of course with WWR hugs and hand shakes. It was an honor the meet all the families including two newborns who have yet to meet their Dads.  We did a video for all the families so they could say hello to their deployed family member. 
The next stop on the twofer day was Heritage Park in McDonough. There we found a great memorial to our Military which included bricks and a bench in memory of Sgt. Franklin Stephens, an Iraq veteran and son of our beloved members Frank, Sr. and Rhonda Stephens. We stayed long enough to meet Franklin’s “Granny” who we came to know and love. Thank you Granny for all your stories!

So there it was-; a twofer day in Georgia. We put smiles on Bravo Co.’s families and honored one who served us proudly!