Ride Report posted for Twister Fan

Sunday July 12th we completed WWR Wa Da Shuda 2009 Parade in New Lisbon Wisconsin. There is a long history of this parade in Wisconsin.

It was such a nice sunny day with many WWR riders in attendance.  We, the WWR, were 5th in line, lining up on West Wisconsin street and ending up at the American Legion Hall.

What a nice treat it was to have the State Coordinator from Northern Illinois, Lisa Moran and husband Keith attend. We also had Uff, Oopsie and Mia also from N. Illinois there.

The parade was approximately 45 minutes long, ending up at the American Legion Hall, in New Lisbon. Food was available for all and it was delicious!

Many lined the streets, saluting and cheering the WWR as the bikes and cars went by with Flags Flying and tossing candy along the way. Many yelling “Thank You for what you do” to the WWR.

We could not ask for a better day and turn out. We handed out over 300 fliers telling about the WWR and what we do. We had great response from the people of Wisconsin. Many saying they already know about the WWR and have joined. Others saying they would join or look at our web site. All we’re very appreciative of that the WWR does for our men and women of the military.

Thank you to one and all for making our first Wa Da Shuda mission a success and for those who drove such a long, from N.IL., to make it a GREAT DAY for us in Wisconsin.

Those attending and helped make it a success for the WWR are:

From Wisconsin:

Wendy K Assistant State Coordinator
Rick K
Wayne H
Jarrod D
Kristen D
Bruce D
Mike V
Cindy V
Doug N

Zachary D
Katelynn D

From N. IL
Lisa (Stalker) Moran
Keith Moran
Mia C

Our 3 youngest members of the WWR
Zachary D, (WI)

Mia C  (N.IL)
Katelynn D (WI)
Twister Fan
Assistant State Coordinator