Ride Report by Lutz

This report is a little overdue, partially because of the speed with which it all came down, and the other things that followed on it’s heals. But this one is important (not that they all arent) because Sinad is a special lady.

Sgt. Sinead Kelly is with the 10th Mountain Divison. She is in the middle of her second tour in Afghanistan, and is home now for a couple of weeks of R&R with her family and her young son. He is only 3, so his mom has been deployed for most of his young life.

It was s surprise for him, mom coming home. He may or may not have wondered why all these colorfully dressed grownups on motorcycles were taking him to the airport, but when he saw his mom come through the doors he didn’t care about anything but clinging to her.

As with most R&R missions, this was fluid. They seem to put them on whatever flight is available. She called her parents first from Kiwait, then from Germany, then from Atlanta, and in the end we were given about 1 hours notice of her arriveal. Despite only one hour notice on a weekday, 8 of us managed to race down t the airport to give her the hero’s welcome she deserved.

Then, our two most dedicated Highway Patrol police escorted us the entire way from the airport to Glenside (they must have forgotten where the Philly border was.) They were joined along the way by Cheltenham Police, Abington Police, and the Weldon Fire company – all a very fitting welcome for a true hometown heroin.

Welcome home Sinead. We look forward with eager anticipation to welcoming you home for good!

(Sinead joined us and Spc. Trotto for the 4th of July parade two days later. See post below.)

Photos by Elisha Kelly, Sister.