Ride Report posted for Len Nikoden


Photo by Sean Carpenter

Photo by Sean Carpenter

Being the RC for a short notice mission on a holiday week-end can give one that uneasy feeling in the gut. Will anyone show up? How will the traffic be? Flight might be delayed? I should know better than to worry about trivial details.

Me and Youngblood pull into the GAP. Dansmom, Miss Kitty and Youngblood’s sister Amanda stop by to say hello and to wish us a safe ride. Six or seven bikes ready to roll to FB 69.

Get to FB 69 and bikes have already arrived with more bikes a comin. SPC Trotto’s family arrives with bikes and convertible for our hero. Also with the family was Corporal Colin Doyle U.S.M.C. Andrew’s cousisn. He and Andrew grew up together and hadn’t seen each other in 3 years. Cpl. Doyle had recently returned from the sand box.

We formed a flag line at the entrance to FB 69. It was to be for Ridin Mikes nephew and his wife (SSGT Michael Snyder and Sgt. Deanna Snyder, U.S.A.F) Michael recently returned from Iraq.

While waiting for the Snyder’s to arrive, someone made a great suggestion. We walked Cpl. Doyle through our flag line to give him his proper welcome home. What a great young man. Drove most of the night to greet his cousin!

The Snyder’s arrive with full camo! Big smiles from Air Force vets Bobcat and PRD1!

Before our ride brief a few coins exchanged hands. Thanks to Kim and Youngblood for presenting coins to the Snyder’s and Cpl. Doyle. Also to Gina (Andrews Mom) we presented a lapel pin.

Off to the airport. While waiting for our hero, someone spots a soldier waiting for a ride. A magic coin is presented.

Not sure if we have an escort up I95. Never fear. Boyle and Murph appear. After we greet our hero it’s off to the races.

Parting the seas…I mean I95, Friday at rush hour on a holiday week-end. NO PROBLEM. These guys from PPD are amazing. We meet Springfield Police for the final leg of our escort. But wait! PPD forgot where their boundry ends. Oh well.

Waiting at our destination are plenty of grateful, flag waving family and neighbors along with 2 engines from Flourtown Fire Dept.

Not bad for a short notice mission. Anywhere from 40 (Kim and Danny’s count) to 140 (Jeff and Gazeebo’s count) bikes, no delays and a fivefer!!! Plus Helicopter escort!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making this all come together in a few shorts days. This is an amazing family! It is an HONOR to ride with you all! Doing something so important. From a humble brother. Len

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