Posted for Jeff Novak:

On Saturday June 27th at 1:30 pm 8 cars and 1 bike gathered at our rally spot in Stratford NJ to thank our Hero Becky Herrera for her commitment to our country as she prepares for her July departure to serve in the U.S. Navy. Becky signed up as part of the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and was joining friends and family at her home in Lindenwold for a farewell party, which we were happy to acknowledge.

Ride Captain for this mission was “Jersey Jeff” Novak and after conducting the briefing we departed for the short ride to Becky’s home. Although it was a rainy and overcast that day one bike was present and our small caravan left at 2:15pm to make our Hero feel special. With lots of noise we rolled into her community to insure she knew that her service was deeply appreciated. As we rolled up we observed a large number of people on her front lawn waving flags and pointing to us and obviously excited. There were lots of flags and other decorations and we were greeted enthusiastically by Becky and her family and friends.


We gathered around Becky after greeting her with mugs and hugs to express our thoughts about her stepping up to serve in the Navy and help protect our freedoms and way of life as Americans. Becky seemed a bit overwhelmed by the recognition from complete strangers and we all shared a few laughs followed by another round of handshakes and hugs, and lastly a group picture before we rolled out and left her to enjoy the party in her honor.

It was a few hours very well spent by those in attendance which included riders from Philadelphia as well as New Jersey. I would like to thank each of the participants and especially Fitter for helping us make sure this Hero got a little extra special treatment courtesy of WWR NJ.