“G-Man” and “Kansas” arrived at “Whistler’s” house at 1:30 PM for the hour and 15 minute trip to the Sportflex in Coral Springs.
? Manny “Manster” Ayala, southern District ALR Commander had already been there earlier with ALR members. They returned to the ALR post for lunch.

wall 3

“G-man” located the name of his friend on the Wall and we stood in reverence along with others at the same location
We took in the enormity of the wall as we walked from one end to other, sadly acknowledging the bravery and selflessness of all 58,000 of those whose names were remembered on the Memorial from 1959 to 1975
Regaining our composure, we prepared for our ride back home.
May these hero’s forever rest in peace and their bravery never go forgotten.
“To be killed in war is not the worst that can happen, to be lost is not the worst that can happen, to be forgotten is the worst”
Pierre Claeyssens
Always With Respect;
Richard “Whistler” Little