The Warriors Watch Riders were invited to Welcome Home two heroes, LCpl Ethan Skeim and Cpl Justin Orick.  Ethan never had a welcome home and is going to make a career out of the military, Justin who has finished his 4 year contract and will be returning to civilian life. 

Ethan and Justin were greeted with a flagline and cheers of welcome home.  After the greeting, we proceeded to escort them in WWR style to a party being held in their honor.  We were led by the fire and police departments and the neighborhood was out in full force.  As we approached the house, the feeling of celebration was in the air. 


Both of our heroes were thankful for the support they received while on their deployment and upon their return.  Presentations were made, and signing the banner was done.  We gathered for pictures and gave another round of hugs and cheers.  We left our heroes and their families to carry on with their celebration.