On Saturday November 9th, we had the pleasure of Welcoming Home another Hero. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, a Great day to Welcome Home Lcpl Edwin Rivera Jr.

        We met at a local WaWa in Pennsauken, NJ. We had 37 bikes, and 1 cage. We where joined by Amvets Post 101 Delair, NJ to help with this Welcome Home. Pennsauken and Camden PD helped with the escort, and what a great job they did.

        We picked up Our Hero at Penn Queen Diner. When we rolled up, they where just about to leave and Ed said to his mom, Helen,” what are all the bikes for?”, and she said “they are here for you!”. He was in awe with the turnout. We did our normal Mug & Hug, then we proceded to escort Ed and his family back to thier house in Camden.

        When we arrived, there where family, friends, neighbors, Camden FD, and of course our partners in crime Operation Yellow Ribbon.

        We blocked the street and proceded to show Our Hero how much we appreciate the sacrifices that he and his family did for us. He got some certificates from some local politictions, Amvets gave him a shirt, we gave him Our Honor Coin, and Operation Yellow Ribbon gave him a yellow ribbon and thier on little challange coin. I was told the Mayor of Camden came right after we left, and presented Ed with a certificate also.

        When we left our Hero’s house, Pennsauken PD gave us a great escort out of Camden and threw Pennsauken, so we could do another Mug & Hug.

        I know Lcpl Edwin Rivera Jr. will remember this day for a long time!


Sincerly, Peeps