Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim
On June 5th at 7:30 AM, Tyndall Elementary School Children ( The Thunder Birds) and faculty all gathered around the schools flag pole to recognize the last school day of 2013. The ceremony began early as “Big Bell” tolled, summoning the children to the flag pole site. Once all had gathered, members of Warriors Watch Riders and invited guest came rolling in. Much like a mini rolling thunder with the same attention grabbing visuals; the children delighted in the sight. Once all members had staged and assumed positions, Colors were posted by Cub Scouts of America. All watched as the flag was hoisted to its peak, signaling the report of a single blast from the WWR cannon. Although all were briefed as to the timing of the cannon fire, the effect was clearly noticed as the report sounded.
As the MC, the principle, began the ceremony, she honored the WWR by reading a brief history of the organization and recognizing the organizations mission statement. The Green Knights were also recognized for their many contributions to the Veteran, and especially the Air Force communities. At the conclusion of the ceremony, and after all motorcycles had cooled, the children were allowed to stroll through the 12 motorcycles that had gathered. The opportunity created many photo opportunities for the children which included posing with bikes, bell, and members.
Thanks to all that could support these young leaders of tomorrow.

12 Motorcycles

03 Private autos

17 Members

Proud to be a Member
Warriors’ Watch Riders
Northwest Florida Chapter