Ride Report posted for Tugboatined

First, I’d like to thank all the people that came out for this mission,and thank everyone for the help they gave me on my first RC job.

We all gathered in the parking lot next to Outback Steakhouse with mother nature providing the rain. We patiently waited for our Hero’s mom, Pam, to call to give us a heads up when they were coming out. We got the call and we formed a flag line at the front door of the restaurant. When Troy came out he was met with mugs and hugs by the group.

We saddled up and headed out with 5 bikes and 2 cages. We made the 6 mile trip with the help of Gloucester Twp and Magnolia LEO. Once at the family home our hero was met by family and friends. A little late to the party but out in force was the boro of Stratford. The Stratford PD, FD, and EMS came blairing down the street to pick up our hero and his family for a small parade to the local post office where they had his name on a marquee. More Patriots from Stratford, along with more friends were also waiting to greet Troy while there.

A short time later we were back in parade formation and heading to his grandmothers house. Grandmom had no idea that Troy had just come home so when the LOE, BIKES, FD,EMS AND ALL THE OTHER CARS came blairing down the street stopping in front of her home she had no idea what was going on. When she came to the door Troy emerged from the truck, and it was quite a shock for Grandmom and sweaty eyes for some of us. After a few minutes we reloaded the fire truck with all of the family except one, Pam got to ride back home with sidecar. After returning to the home we all had hugs from mom and hand shakes from Troy

I would like to thank John and Rich for letting me have the opportunity for this mission and once again thanks to all that were there and help make this a success