Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim

What a day for a visit. Sims was busy with activity this morning. There were members in every wing at any given moment. Carol was entertaining with piano music in the activities room. WWR Honor Guard members were rehearsing flag folding protocol, using the lobby billiard table as a platform; the activity stirred a lot of interest for other members and residents. Richie was reloaded with new business cards, and was in good spirits and health. Richie is the in-house, honorary member of the WWR. Richie promotes WWR and passes organizational information and business cards to any visitors that ask about his unique wheelchair bumper sticker identifying the WWR.  New members were on hand and welcomed with opened arms. Thanks to everyone who took time to show up this morning. The weather was awesome, and the day was just starting for many who supported a second mission. Recruitment efforts continue to reap huge benefits for the organization, keep up the great work.

Members: 32

Motorcycles: 16

Private autos: 5

Proud to be a Member

Warriors’ Watch Riders
Northwest Florida Chapter