Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim 



If Florida needs rain, then bring it on, it cannot stop the local WWR from accomplishing their mission. Wow, what a Sims visit WWR had today. The lady riders were the center of attention today (and why shouldn’t they be), suggesting spring is definitely in the air. The skies were gray and filled with precipitation, the potholes were full of precipitation, the ditches runneth over with precipitation, and the parking lots were filled to capacity…..with CAGES. Selfless serving the selfless best describes our mission today. Carol entertained with the piano, and the rest is classified under code name WOW! Thanks to all that participated. Mission concluded with several members enjoying lunch together and visiting a local Veterans club, just adding more icing to a great cake. Pictures are dated, but are worth a 1000 words, please enjoy.

15 Members
01 Piano player
08 Private autos

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