Ride Report fr Ride Captain Tim

Once again, I just wanted to say thanks for showing such awesome support of the GCSC ASC (Armed Services Club) yesterday.  You all came out in force and it was not lost on those who were in attendance.  The StudentGovernment specifically came and thanked me for the representation and I quickly informed them that it was mostly Ryan, Mary & you all who made it happen.  Looking forward to many more missions together and increasing awareness for both our organizations.  I may be a little off on the numbers but I think I’m in the ballpark.  See you this afternoon.  Pam

Number motorcycles:  26
Number vehicles:  10 (including the dune buggy)
Number members:  52

Pamela Hiller
Mission RC 1/26 & GCSC Veterans Liaison

Mission well done. Local riders demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that the WWR organization recognizes the need to support our future. The turnout for this event was exceptional. The 35 American flags mounted to motor cycles and vehicles, that lined 23rd St., clearly drew the attention that the club was hoping to achieve. A special thanks to Joe Walsh and the “Dune Buggy”, both of which represent the organization above and beyond. I didn’t see any members with face paint, only one with pie on her face (Pam),and only one in the line dancing (Sarge), but all of you blew the “Dog & Pony” portion clear out of the water. Hand Salute to the Officers of the GCSC Armed Services Club for a job well done.

Proud to be a Member
Warriors’ Watch Riders
Northwest Florida Chapter