Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim



Today (bad news) it was determined by the requesting client that no memorial mission would be conducted due to (good news) no residents had passed during the month of December that (unexplained) qualified for a memorial service. All this (break-down in) communication did not stop the Members that had gathered, from paying a visit, and offering their respects to the local heroes. Adjustments to future memorial request have been (clearly) communicated, and the term “qualified” has been (respectfully) redefined. The visit was great, and most of the heroes were in good health after the busy holiday season. Clyde has been under the weather for the past week or so, and is currently on the mend. Richie was active, and has been passing out the WWR cards regularly. Thanks to all who were able to attend, and continued the mission after learning of the communication mishaps. All in all, never is there a bad time to visit with the heroes. Riding is really COOL; just ask the 6 members that braved the 35 degree temps this morning.

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