Ride Report for Ride Captain Tim



On Thursday 1/17/2013, the Warriors Watch Riders of Northwest Florida were asked to stand in honor of Byron A. Robbins, 78, a Korean War Era Veteran. Visitation hours were met with darkness, inclement weather conditions, unsafe avenues of approach and exit, poorly lit skies, and horrible staging area conditions; a scene from a Korean war movie perhaps? Conditions maybe Mr. Robbins had experienced himself on several occasions while possibly serving in Korea? As the challenges of this mission were assessed, it was determined that they did not outweigh the challenges met on a daily basis by every man and women who has ever served their country; therefore the mission was executed without hesitation. Static flag displays flew horizontal in the night winds. The Pow/Mia flag popped in the wind, standing proud, yet alone. Four members, working in groups of two, maintained watch and provided a sharp, and respectful welcome as visiting guest entered the chapel were Mr. Robbins awaited their arrival. Isn’t it funny; the things that make you think? Thanks to all that attended.

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