Ride Report for Ride Captain Peeps
It was a Sunny and Chilly Sunday. A Good day to Welcome Home Major Ed Dowgin, Our Hero!!
        We meet at Town and Counrty Dinner, in Bordentown, NJ. We had 12 bikes and 7 cages full of people ready to Welcome Home Our Hero!
We also had 3 of Hamilton’s finest there to help escort Our Hero. While we where gathering , we found out 2 of our Police escorts where VETS themselfs, 1 gentleman did 9 TOURS, the other did 4 TOURS!!! WOW!!!So at the end of the ride brief, we did our Famous Mug & Hug and Thanked them for thier Service!!
        From there we moved out to pick-up Our Hero at a local eatery, Dublin Square. When Major Dowgin came out with his family, he was Very Suprised. We did our Mug & Hug and asked him if we could escort him home? He said “Yes!!” So we saddled up and we where on our way.
        When we arrived at the Major’s house, “Operation Yellow Ribbon” was there, along with lots of family and friends. They did an Outstanding job giving Our Hero his time in the spotlight. When it was time for the Major to say a few words, he thanked everyone for taking care of his family and for the suprise!! He went on to say that he was’t a Hero, but the men they lost where the Real Heros! We assured him that his was a Hero, along with All of his Unit and All of Our Military!!
        What a Great day it turned out to be!!
Ride Captain Peeps