Ride Report for Ride Captain: Captain Dan AKA Danny O’Kane


19 degrees with sunny skies saw 5 hearty WWR bikers roll up to the rally point on their bikes while us 5 cages were sitting in our warm vehicles. Hey , somebody has to do it !!

Hats off to Jeff, Ed , Keith , Walker and Lee W !! Thanks guys and I hope you have thawed out by now..

Having checked out the route at 3 in the morning to make sure the roads were clear for our “ LONG “ ride and so no one would get lost we made the trip across the street to the Pennsburg Diner.

As we announced our intentions to the startled customers we proceeded to thank Pfc. Joey Houk for his service to our country . With everyone in the diner joining in , we did the ‘ Hug ‘ part of our Mug and Hug .

Mustering the happy group outside , we got in another round of thank you’s and posed for the “ Mug “ part .

With Maria presenting the certificate from A HEROS WELCOME I had the honor to COIN my nephew for WARRIORS WATCH RIDERS .

What a SUPER start to Super Bowl Weekend !! Thank you Maria for helping to make it all happen and a NAVY “ BRAVO ZULU “ going out to WARRIORS WATCH RIDERS .


For the SEPA Division of WWR ,

Respectfully submitted by Captain Dan,,,, aka Danny O’Kane