Ride Report for Ride Captain Mike (TinTeach)
Recently we received a mission request from a proud step father, and Fire Fighter Manny Alfonso. Manny requested we welcome U.S. Army Spc. Jonathon Paul Carr.
For ECPA this was a first, were asked to provide a Mug N Hug at the Lehigh Valley International Airport on January 19th. Spc. Carr is just 21 years old, he is a graduate of East Stroudsburg North HS, class of 2009. Spc Carr is a Signal Support Specialist and served in Afghanistan April 2011-January 2012. We had our rally time so that we would be at Lehigh Valley International Airport about an hour early.
     The flight was delayed by one hour. We recieved notification directly from the pilot of the flight. With friends and family there was approximately 100 people waiting in the Airport. One of those in attendence was Spc Carr’s girlfriend Amanda. We decided to hold a breifing outside due to this fact. The most important thing in the breifing was to let everyone know what was being planned for this special day, and to keep absolutely quiet. The plan was to set up a double flagline with firefighters joining us and the family in the front center of the flaglines. In the rear center was to be Amanda. As Jonathon noticed us you could see a huge beaming smile on his face.
      As Jonathon made his way through the throng of people, carrying a large bouquet of flowers. Finally getting to Amanda giving her a large hug. Part of this Mug N Hug, was to  include Spc. Carr dropping to one knee and proposing to his girlfriend Amanda, which he did. It was not only an honor to Welcome Home Spc. Carr, it was also an honor to witness his engagement.
Respectfully submitted by:
Mike (Tin Teach)