Ride Report for Ride Captain Anthony Diller A.K.A. Cowboy D
On Sunday the 20th, 2013 it was a sunny but chilly start to the morning, but to my surprise people from the WWR, Leathernecks, other VFW and American Legion Posts, and general people from the community came to support our veterans of VFW Post 2377 of Glendale Heights, IL. Along with NBC 5 Chicago covering the story and the Daily Herald the people mentioned above stood at the front door of the legion bundled up and ready to fly the proud colors the members of the VFW proudly fought for. When we ran out of full sized flags I and the quartermaster looked at each other and ask well what do we do now there’s more people who want to hold flags and then it seemed like a act of god small American flags were found and handed to me and matter to pass out. With patriotic songs playing in the background, I met different veterans from WWII to today that all had a awesome story to tell. In all of our support the VFW had received a phone call from the landlord stating they have permission to fly their flags and a letter is being sent that Monday. All in all its awesome to see a community come together for a good cause and I hope to spend some more time there to get to hear some more awesome stories of the wars and military past.
To our supporters, Id like to say thank you!
Anthony Diller
AKA Cowboy D