Ride Report for Ride Captain Shawn “Trashman” Ewing
Boy this day was cold, but 25 riders and six cagers showed up to Welcome Home John Berle. Our official PD assistance came via Officer Billingsley from The Gibbsboro PD . Officer Billingsley arrived for work 3 hours early to provide the sirens and lights to bring this hero home in style.  Thank you, sir.
At the rally point, after meeting a couple new riders and going over all the safety tips, we rolled to go get our hero at a nearby eatery.  Being that it was cold  and even though we were about 40 strong, we went inside to find our man and make some noise.  Which we did.  Jan, our Hero’s mom, kept saying “oh my, there are some many of you.  Thank you very much for all this.”
No ma’am thank you, for all your family has done for us.
A few minutes later John emerged from La Esperanze, at which time we made some more noise and thanked him again.  Within a few minutes we were on are way to Gibbsboro where Operation Yellow Ribbon (OYR) was standing by.  While en route to our Hero’s home there were people lined along the road way, waving flags and even holding signs saying Welcome Home John.  One which was being held by a pretty little girl of about 10 years old, what a sight she was.We made our way onto the Hero’s street and there we see the oh so great sight we all look forward to, yup all the American flags passed out by OYR,  and the FD ladder truck flying a large American flag.  It was then that I knew we had brought another Hero home to his family.
Thank you to everyone who came out, in the cold, to recognize John Berle’s service.  Various MC’s were represented, Warriors’ Watch Riders, 2nd Brigade, American Legion Riders, amongst others. Sorry if I omitted anyone or group from this ride report, I assure you it was not intentional.Submitted by Shawn “Trashman” Ewing