Ride Report for Ride Captain Dave Jinks
Josh Little joined the military April, 2010.  He graduated Military Intelligence School in Ft. Huachuca , Arizona, and is now stationed in Ft. Carson, Colorado.  Josh was Deployed to Afghanistan on March10, 2012 with the 4th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. December 22 2012 Josh came home to be with his family for Christmas, and the Warrior Watch Riders were there to make sure the last leg of his trip home was completed.
Warrior Watch Riders, with the help of Philadelphia Police, New Jersey State Police, and Gloucester Township Police escorted Josh and his family home for the Holidays. Eyewitness News was on hand at the airport to catch the families reunion and it was glorious. – http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/video/8098170-south-jersey-soldier-welcomed-home-for-the-holidays/
Josh then walked to the baggage claim area where the Warrior Watch Riders lay in wait. When Josh turned the corner towards the escalator that lead to baggage claim the shouts of“welcome home” and handshakes started and lasted all the way down the escalator and through the line waiting at the bottom. We scooped up our Hero and his family and then headed out towards New Jersey with an escort of police, 18 motorcycles, and a couple of cages. Along the way the police departments all but shut down the Walt Whitman Bridge and Route 42, as the escort made its way towards home. Once we exited Route 42 we made our way home with no interruption as Gloucester Township PD had every intersection blocked and their Officers saluted our hero as he passed by. This ride captain was quite impressed.

As we arrived home, Josh was greeted by what seemed like every Glendora fire truck they had, plus more family, friends, Operation Yellow Ribbon, and others that were there to say thanks and pay tribute to Josh. After a few awards were bestowed on our Hero, the Warrior Watch Riders vanished like smoke, off to the next mission. The family started their celebration of Josh’s safe return. It was a wonderful day…

  Dave Jinks