It is a time of year that each one of us must stop for a moment and reflect on the work that we have done over the past year.

It’s been a year of upheaval and one in which evil once again raised its horrible head. It’s only been two weeks since evil struck the very most innocent of people, and it leaves us all in a state of shock and sorrow. Unlike most of the country whose people are in mourning, we in the WWR also mourn the death of each one of our military men and women, and we grieve with the families of each one that falls. Unlike the WWR, most people barely notice these sacrifices, and the horror and grief felt by the families whose loved one will not be back, ever. That shared sorrow is the nature of the people who are members of the WWR.

On this Christmas eve we need to remember not only those we serve, and their families, but ourselves as well. Each of us has problems – medical issues, family tragedies, financial troubles. For each one of us who has a problem, there is always another of us who has it worse off. This is another facet of the character of the WWR member – our actions toward each other. This is why a line of our Mission Statement says “…we will treat our fellow Warriors’ Watchmen brothers and sisters as the brothers that they are.” This is a noble effort.

So at this holy time of year, let’s focus on what we do for others. Take a look at the page of “Thank You” letters that have been written to us by the hundreds by the families we have served. Read the mission reports posted here. Remember each of the Welcome Home events you have taken part in, and remember the joy that you – you – have given to the family of a home-coming military member.

To each of you I wish a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful, bountiful, prosper new year ahead. I personally thank you for populating and carrying out the work of the WWR, and applaud you for your work, time after time after time. Let us wish for a future where our military men and women no longer have the need to risk their lives for the safety of our way of life. Let us pray for the safety of each one of them in harm’s way.  Let us hope for the joy of each military family who will rejoice in the return of their returned military love one.

In the year ahead, let’s continue to ride!

– Wayne