Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike
Justin drove up the night before with his fiance’. So , we got the family
to take him to a Late lunch. Justin had no clue what was going on. Justin
is a Mechanic with VMFA-323 , Death Rattlers. This Squadron goes all
the way back to 1943. In 1949 the Death Rattlers were in a Motion Picture
“Sands Of Iwo Jima” Justin also just re-enlisted. Was a rainy afternoon,we
just got done with Wreaths Across America. So , we piled into the restaurant
and surrounded Justin. The look on his face was Fear, LOL.Who are all these
bikers standing around me. His step-dad mike rides with us and is also a
Marine from days ago. We grabbed up Justin , put him in Joey’s Car and
headed for the House. Was’nt raining too hard anymore. Was a Fun Welcome
Home. Had a chance to chat with Justin afterwards about his Aviation Career and what he can do with it when he decides to get out.
Welcome Home Justin.
                             Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
 Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders