Ride Report for Ride Captain HowardK


On Saturday afternoon December 8th Warriors Watch Riders were joined by A Hero’s Welcome to honor and welcome home Pfc. Nick DiRenzo US ARMY as he celebrated his return from a one year deployment in Afghanistan.

Warriors’ Watch Riders were invited by Nick’s father Bruce, a US Navy veteran who served in Guam, to escort Nick on the final leg of his return from Afghanistan to a celebration in his honor at the family home in Southampton.

Nick graduated from Bucks County Technical High School where he studied plumbing. He played sports his entire life including baseball for Croyden Little League, Bristol American Legion and FDR Middle School. He played football for the Croyden Yellow Jackets and played soccer and basketball for St.Thomas Aquinas School. Nick grew up Catholic and made all of his sacraments.

Pfc. DiRenzo recently returned from Afghanistan to Ft.Richardson, Alaska where he is a wheeled vehicle mechanic. He plans to attend the University of Anchorage to study automotive technology.

Nick was met at the Newark Airport by his father, mother and family. Joining in the Newark welcome were members of A Hero’s Welcome who provided a rousing greeting to our returning veteran. The family, with Nick on board, then proceeded to return him home to Southampton.

Awaiting Nick’s return to Pennsylvania were Warriors’ Watch Riders along with A Hero’s Welcome who rallied at the K Mart parking lot in Feasterville. We were joined by members of Widow’s Sons from Masonic Lodge 19 and 25 in Bristol. Also awaiting Nick’s arrival were firefighters from Lower Southampton FD #1 as well as Officers from Lower Southampton Police Department and Upper Southampton Police Department. We received a call that the DiRenzo family had exited the turnpike about 5 minutes away.

Warrior’s Watch Riders formed two flag lines at the top of the parking lot to await Nick’s arrival. The black truck carrying the returning veteran entered the parking lot and parked between the flag lines. The very surprised soldier exited the vehicle and received warm welcome home handshakes and hugs from WWR, AHW and Widow’s Sons members. After all had welcomed the HERO we formed a procession to escort Nick and his family on the final leg of his return home.

Led by Upper Southampton Police Department and Lower Southampton Police Department we exited the parking lot and proceeded

west on Street Road. Big flagged bikes were followed by the family truck and then followed by WWR bikes, AHW vehicles and by apparatus from Lower Southampton FD #1. We proceeded onto Churchville Road and made the turn onto the final street. Standing and cheering in the front yard were many family and friends who had assembled to greet the returning veteran.

After all members of the entourage had made their way to the DiRenzo home, we assembled in the front yard as Nick was asked to step forward. WWR member Jeff S. presented Nick with our WWR Honor coin and thanked him for his dedicated service to our country. Len N. representing A Hero’s Welcome then presented a certificate giving Pfc. Nick DiRenzo thanks from a grateful nation. Next Bruce DiRenzo was asked to come forward. WWR member Walker presented our WWR honor coin to US Navy veteran Bruce DiRenzo and thanked him for his service to our country. WWR member Dick R. then presented both Nick and Bruce with stars from retired flags which had flown over homes in America as a reminder that they are not forgotten.

In true WWR tradition we then formed for a group picture with Nick joined by his very proud family and friends standing behind a Welcome Home banner on the front lawn.

Warriors’ Watch Riders would like to thank Bruce, Maryann and the entire DiRenzo family for inviting us to be part of this celebration for Nick. Thank you to A Hero’s Welcome, both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania members, for your energetic and unending support and recognition of our HERO’s.

Most of all, THANK YOU Pfc. Nick DiRenzo for your service, sacrifice and dedication and for keeping us all free and safe back here at home.





Respectfully submitted by RC HowardK

Pictures courtesy of Jeff (Bikerider)